[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 167

DECEMBER 16 1988

“Israel believes it was Ahmed Jibril.”

Trade Minister Ariel Sharon commenting on the bombing of Pan Am 103, Feb 7 1989

Ahmed Jibril

Ahmed Jibril

US Major Charles McKee

Today, December 16 1988, Lukas Travel in Beirut booked US Major Charles McKee on Pan Am 103 on Dec. 22.

As we shall see, Mckee confirmed his reservation on Dec. 19. But, in the afternoon of Dec. 20, his return flight was moved to Dec 21.

In the early hours of Dec 21, McKee travelled from Beirut to Cyprus on the Sunboat ferry.

Then, McKee flew from Larnaca to Heathrow on Cyprus Airways Flight CY504 wich left at 9.30 am.

According to the manifest of CY504, Mckee checked two bags, a grey Samsonite suitcase and a grey American Tourister suitcase.

Media have reported that one of his suitcases had turned up at JFK airport on Dec. 25. That information may or may not be accurate. But it is indisputable that his second luggage was tampered by a third party.

The suitcase was found on Dec 30 and not entered in the system before January 5. The suitcase was examined by RARDE scientist Dr Hayes on Jan. 16. [1]

During cross examination by Fimah laywer Keen, Dr Hayes admitted that the inside of the suitcase could not have been the original content.

 Q    Was it disclosed to you that Charles McKee referred to there was in the service of the United States government?

A    No, it wasn’t.

Q    Or that this case had been returning from Beirut?

A    No.

Q    I see.  You then make this entry: “Contents:  Assorted clothing with unlike the suitcase from which it was supposedly taken showed little evidence of explosives involvement.”

A    Yes, I did.

Q    Now, I see the use of the word “supposedly” employed by you, Dr. Hayes.  And I take it you chose that word with care?

A    Yes, I did.

Q    And was that intended to convey that in your own mind the assorted clothing which had been passed to you labelled as the contents did not appear on the face of it to represent the contents of the suitcase which had been damaged in the way already described?

A    Yes, that’s certainly one interpretation.

Dr Hayes also conceded that the rectangular hole cut next to to locking mechanism could not have resulted from the blast of the explosion.

Q    A rectangular hole has been cut in the top of the case, and that cannot be attributed in any form to blast damage or impact damage in the disaster, can it?

A    No, it cannot.

At the young age of 43, Hayes resigned just a few months after the discovery of the timer fragment to begin a new life as a chiropodist.

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