[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 165

DECEMBER 14 1988

“Syria, Iran, the CIA and geo-politics, US-style, have moved on. But the evidence against the man dying of stage-four prostate cancer in HM Prison Greenock remains flimsy, inconsistent, contradictory and deeply, as his lawyers might say, unsatisfactory.”

Herald’s columnist Ian Bell – Dec. 20, 2008 [1]

The Mysterious Khalid Jaafar 

Today, Dec. 14 1988, Khalid Jaafar ticket for his return to the US was booked. Khalid was scheduled to return to the US on a direct flight from Düsseldorf to Detroit on Dec. 19 1988. But, as we shall see, a “friend” named Ghannan changed his ticket and rebooked him on the Dec. 21st PA 103 flight.

Khaled Nazir jaafar

Khaled Nazir Jaafar

Flash Back

On July 11th 1988, Khalid Jaafar bought some flight tickets to travel from the US to the Middle East.

Khalid was born May 1st 1968 in Baalbek, part of the Beka Valley in Lebanon. He moved to the US in 1983 where he stayed with his father in Dearborn, Michigan. He returned to Lebanon in 1987.

Khalid belongs to one of the most important drug-producing dynasties of the Bekaa valley, Lebanon. The family was already doing business with Lucky Marciano in the 20s.

After the Syrians took over Lebanon in 76, the family developed close ties with Syrian Military Intelligence, which in turn, was very close to the Syrian President. His mother was a first cousin of Syrian President Hafiz Assad.

A US House report states that the family is a major actor in the smuggling of Heroin and counterfeit dollar bills. Much of his activities in the months preceding the bombing remain a mystery to this day. Yet, some of his travels can be traced with certainty.

On July 14, Jaafar flew Detroit-Chicago on UA159 and then Chicago Amman on RJA 313. Then, Khalid flew from Amman to Damascus on RJA 276.

On Aug. 19, in Dearborn, MI, Travels and Tours arranged Khalid Jaafar next round of travels with RJA. He returned to Detroit with PA 554, and then flew to New York with RJA 274.

On Aug. 21, Khalid Jaafar flew from Chicago to Amman with RJA 313, and then to Beirut with ME.

With Friends like These…

On Nov. 8, Khalid jaafar arrived at Frankfurt airport. Bilal el-Salheli, a friend from Lebanon, told him that he could stay with his brother Hassan.

In his book, former FBI special agent Richard Marquise wrote that Khalid Jaafar, before to returning to America to complete his education, stopped in Dortmund to visit his childhood friends, the Salheli brothers. That is, I believe, incorrect. To my knowledge, he had never met them before. Indeed, according to a statement he gave to the BKA in April 1989, Hassan el-Salheli had never met Khalid Jaafar before his arrival in Dortmund on Nov. 8 1988.

Once in Frankfurt, Khalid took the train to Dortmund, where he was met by Hassan El-Salheli and another man named Naim Ali Ghannam. According to Hassan el-Salheli, he had only known Ghannam recently, indeed just a few weeks, having met him by chance in the street.

Shortly after their chance meeting, Ghannam returned to Lebanon. Ghannam told Hassan that his brother had drowned and he needed to attend the funeral. That is a lie. Ghannan brother had died much earlier while fighting for Hizbullah.

BKA Interim Report

The BKA Interim Report states that:

“Before his departure from Frankfurt, Jaafar had resided with friends in Dortmund. The address of one of these persons was already known by the BKA to be an address of contact persons of accused member of the PFLP-GC Dalkamoni.”


On Oct. 17 1988, Martin Khadorah, who lives at 68 Bernadottstrasse – Frankfurt – met Bilal Dalkamoni in Yugoslavia. Bilal is the brother of haffez Dalkamoni. Dalkamoni will later admit that Khadorah smuggled explosive and other equipment to commit acts of terror from the Krusevac safe-house.

Semtex, recovered at the safe house during an early November raid, was linked to the batch that Dalkamoni had given to Khreesat to fabricate the radio bombs.

Peter Thiel was living in a small village just outside Frankfurt. He used to work at Frankfurt airport. When the BKA raided his home on Oct. 26, they found three messages from Martin Kadorah asking to contact him as soon as possible.

Kadorah, who was arrested in Yugoslavia, never provided the police with a satisfactory explanation for these suspicious phone calls. Nevertheless, both men were released in a matter of hours and never investigated again.

When the BKA raided the house of Martin Kadorah, they found ammunition, gun cleaning equipment and, quite amazingly, an Israeli Ministry of Interior stamp!  The BKA also found a notebook belonging to Kadorah.

The notebook contains the name of Hameid Darwich with his address and phone number. As chance would have it, Darwich was an acquaintance of the mysterious Khalid Jaafar.

“A person by the name of Darwich was known to Khalid Jaafar,” Lord Fraser wrote to Dr Achim Thiel in his Commission Rogatoire, dated Sept 18 1989. The true identity of Hameid Darwich was never established.

Back to the Present (14/12/1988)

 “I despise conspiracy theories. They make life too easy for the powerful, who much prefer to dismiss every inconvenient truth as fantasy. But when 20 years elapse and the truth of the Lockerbie massacre remains contestable, the demand for truth is more than mere rhetoric,” Ian bell writes in the Herald.

“It functions as a reminder, in fact, of the state we’re in. We can call for facts, and insist on truth, and yet receive neither. We can whistle. In the dark.”

Ian Bell is entirely correct and things are not about to change. Yesterday, I received an email from Susan Lindauer. [2] The former US Congressional staff tells me that she is threatened of being sent back to jail if she insists on being tried.

Prior to the US led invasion of Iraq, Lindauer delivered a letter to Andrew Card, who is a cousin and former Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush. In the letter, she urged the White House not to invade Iraq. She also predicted with great accuracy the consequences of a War in Iraq.

For writing this letter, she has been charged for conspiracy to act as an agent for Iraqi Intelligence. If convicted, she faces 25 years in jail.

In Sept. 1994, Dr. Richard Fuisz told Suzan Lindauer that if the United States government would let him, he could identify the men behind the bombing of Pan Am 103.

“I could do it right now. You want a police lineup? I could go into any crowded restaurant of 200 people, and pick out these men.… And you know what, Susan? You won’t find this restaurant anywhere in Libya. No, you will only find this restaurant in Damascus.”

Dr. Fuiz was placed on gag order by the US government. CIA director George Tenet personally interfered to insure that the defense lawyers of Megrahi and Fimah, the Libyans indicted for the bombing of Pan Am 103, could not get access to Dr Fuisz.

A Simple question

On July 18 1988, the US embassy in Beirut issued an US multiple-entry Visa to Khalid Jaafar. At first, this seems to be a rather innocent fact. Upon closer inspection, it makes no sense whatsoever.

Khalid became an US citizen on February 29 1988. His US passport was issued on June 24 1988.

This raises a rather obvious question. Why on earth would an US citizen, holding a valid US passport, apply for an US visa on his Lebanese passport?

Come to think of it, why would the US embassy in Beirut grant him such visa, considering that it is illegal for a US citizen to enter the United States on a foreign passport?

And it is no less intriguing that, in July 1988, the US embassy in Beirut was only issuing visas to government officials and their own employees.

Over the years, the question has been put repeatedly to the US Bureau of Consular Affairs. To my knowledge, the Bureau never had the basic courtesy to reply, let alone to answer the question.

Details of Khalid have been entered in the DEA EPIC computer. His file states that his US passport – 022807773 – was not among the items recovered at Lockerbie.  Yet a witness is adamant that he used his US passport at Frankfurt airport to board on Pan Am 103 A.

Khalid Lebanese passport was recovered at Lockerbie. Several pages had been thorn apart. And there is one more mystery.

The passport had been issued on July 12 1983. It was valid for 3 years. Why on earth would the US embassy in Beirut grant a multiple-entry visa to someone who is holding an expired passport?


(1) The demand for truth is more than rhetoric

(2) The Lindauer Affidavit


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