[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 162

DECEMBER 11 1988

“Having considered the evidence concerning these matters and the submissions of counsel,  we accept that there is a great deal of suspicion as to the actings of Abu Talb and his circle.” Lockerbie Verdict, § 81

On December 11 1988, Abdel Salam Arif Abu Nada called from Malta Abu Talb in Sweden.

Abu Talb

Abu Talb

On Dec. 6, Talal Chabaan, the brother of Martin Imandi – an terrorist associate of Talb – left for Malta.

On Dec 13, Magdi Mouusa – a former director of the Miska bakery – will also leave for Malta. Both men stayed on the island until Dec 22.


The Dumfries and Galloway police issued a report entitled Bombing of Pan Am 103: “Interview of Marwan Abdel Razzaq Mufit Khreesat as a suspect.”

“There can be little doubt that Khreesat is the bomb-maker for the PFLP-GC and there is a possibility that he prepared the explosive device which destroyed PA-103. As such he should not be at liberty,” the Scottish police’s report concluded.

Richard Marquise, who led the FBI investigation, believes that no such report exists.

“I have never seen this and doubt any such report exists,” Marquise told me.

The 9 pages document is added as appendix O of the interim investigation report sent by John Orr, via George Esson, to the Lord Advocate.

 “Certainly Khreesat was a suspect but remember Scottish police never laid eyes on or talked to Khreesat so other than what they read — that is the sum of their information,” Marquise added.

That is absolutely correct. The reason is that the CIA systematically prevented the Scottish police from talking to Khreesat. They also delayed as long as they could the interview of their asset by the FBI.

I can now reveal the existence of a 1990 report which is a summary prepared for distribution to the top brass of the various agencies, from various countries, represented in the investigation.

The report states that the investigators are in a position to seek warrants. It does not mention names but states that the suspects were from Palestinian organizations.  There is no mention of Libya.

Simple Questions

Does anyone familiar with the Lockerbie saga doubt for a moment that the Palestinian organizations not named in the report include Jibril PFLP-GC and the PPSF to which Khreesat and Talb respectively belonged?

In late 89, Talb confessed that he had retrieved the IED in Germany and passed it to a PFLP-GC member, whose identity was never revealed. Then, in a matter of weeks, he recanted. How could Talb possibly have known that the fifth device brough to Germany by Abu Elias and wired by Khreesat had been taken out of the PFLP-GC safe house by Dalkamoni prior to their arrest on Novenber 26?

And finally, as former CIA Bob Baer asked me:

“Why on Earth an Iranian operative and convicted terrorist would decide to collaborate with the Crown and US investigators and appear as their witness at the Lockerbie trial?”

That is indeed a pretty good question considering the fact that the first time he saw a FBI agent, Talb spat on his face.

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