Hostages in Lebanon – 10/12/1988

[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 161

DECEMBER 10 1988

“Tehran will exert efforts to bring about the release of foreign hostages held in Lebanon.” — Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali Bisharati, News Conference, Beirut, Dec. 10, 1988

Today – (10/12/1988) Tehran sent Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali Bisharati to Beirut. Bisharati is charged with the difficult mission to mediate a conflict among Lebanon’s Shiite Muslims.

Tension remains high between the Amal faction and the Party of God. Tehran supplies the Party of God while Damascus supports Amal.

Prior to his arrival in the Lebanese capital, Bisharati had stopped in Damascus where he met with Farouk al-Sharaa, the Syrian Foreign Minister.

Bisharati held separate meetings in West Beirut with Government leaders and Nabih Berri, the leader of Amal.

“Amal and the Party of God had agreed to halt their war of words, and that a joint committee would meet soon to discuss their differences,” Bisharati said at a news conference following the meetings.

The Deputy Foreign Minister added that the committee would consist of representatives from the two factions and from Syria and Iran.

Last week, Amal and Party of God fought street battles for three days, killing 30 and injuring hundreds.

Two days ago, the spiritual head of the Lebanese Shiites, Sheik Mohammed Mahdi Chamseddin, went to Teheran to seek help in ending the confrontation between Amal and the Party of God.


Iran Sends Special Envoy to Beirut to Mediate among Muslim Rivals- NYT, December 6, 1988


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