[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 160


“I have assured myself the two Libyans on trial are the bombers – “the right guys” – but they probably didn’t know a CIA operative was aboard the doomed jet.” — Tom Twetten, former Deputy Director of Operations at the CIA

On the morning of Dec. 9 1988, Abu Talb received treatment at the Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden.

On the night of Dec. 9, 1988, Talal Chabaan resided at the Baluta Hotel, Sliema, Malta, in room 404.

Also on Dec. 9 1988, tickets for CIA Matthew Gannon were reserved. Gannon was the CIA chief in Beirut. He was initially booked on PA 107 — London to Washington — on Dec. 22. The booking has been made by the US Embassy in Cyprus through R.A. Travel Masters in Nicosia, Cyprus.

In the afternoon of Dec. 20, Gannon was rebooked on PA 103 for the following day, again through R.A. Travel Masters, the same agency that rebooked Lariviere on the same flight.

On Dec. 25, 1988, the executive assistant director of the FBI Oliver B. Revell on CBS-TV’s “Face The Nation” disputed published reports that the CIA’s Beirut station chief was aboard the jet.

In “Book of Honor” published in May 2000, Ted Gup, a former Washington Post investigative reporter, revealed that Gannon was indeed a CIA officer who died on Pan Am 103.

Gup wrote that:

“The CIA maintains that identifying its casualties, even decades later, would endanger foreign nationals who may have provided the CIA with intelligence.”

“But the oft-invoked argument wears thinner and thinner as the years wear on and bereaved families are asked to bear their losses in continued silence.”

Short Biography

Matthew Kevin Gannon was born August 11, 1954. He was a CIA Officer. Gannon was an Arabist. He spent much of his career serving in the Middle East. Gannon was posted in Yemen in 1979, Jordan in 1981, Syria in 1986 and Lebanon in 1988.


Gannon was married to Susan Twetten, the daughter of Tom Twetten who became Deputy Director of Operations at CIA in early 1991. Matthew and Susan met while her father was Matthew’s immediate supervisor.

Matthew Kevin Gannon is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, and honored with a star on the CIA Memorial Wall.


Lockerbie: CIA Officer among Victims

Gup uncovers covert deaths at the CIA in new book


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