[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 154


“The presence of the CIA-DIA team on Pan Am 103 is a clue that should not be ignored. It’s like the loose thread of a sweater. Pull on it, and the whole thing may unravel.”

Victor Marchetti, Former executive assistant to the CIA’s deputy director — [1]

According to US news media, Amiram Nir died in a plane crash on Dec. 1, 1988. [2, 3, 4] Officially, Nir had left Urupan, Mexico, and was on his way to visit a fruit farm. Both Nir and a fellow female passenger were travelling on false identity. Nir identified himself as Pat Weber and Adriana Stanton, a Canadian citizen, registered as Ester Arriaga.

Nir was often described as the man at all intersections of the Iran-Gate scandal.  Nir knew about “the quantity and types of arms which were sent to Iran, how much was paid, where the money went, and who profited from the sales.”

Despite his key role, Nir is the only player in the Iran-Contra affair who never publicly testified. In fact, he never even commented on his role to the press.

The Israeli government confiscated all of his notes and papers. His government also forbade him from answering questions to the U.S. Justice Department and US congressional committees.

During an interview with Bob Woodward of The Washington Post conducted in London during summer 1988, Nir said that “only half of the Iran-Contra affair had been made public”. Nir added that he was considering the best way to sell his side of the story. In early October 1988, Nir told Woodward that he was still not ready to publish the story.

Lt. Cmdr. R. J. Hunt [5] told investigator R. Stitch that he had learned from Oliver North that Nir had been assassinated — by the CIA — because he was about to sell the story of the second Iran-gate.

Hunt claims he first met Nir at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 29th, 1986 while guarding the Vice-President George Bush. A Vice President aide, present at the meeting, has confirmed the event and the presence of Nir but claims that Bush did not understand the conversation he had with Nir regarding the swap of hostages for weapons delivered to Tehran in violation of US Law and UN embargo. [1, 6]

During the meeting, Nir briefed Bush about the ongoing sale of U.S. arms via Israel to Iran. According to Hunt, Nir had secretly taped the entire conversation.

At the meeting, Nir also briefed Bush regarding efforts taken throughout the past year to gain release of the hostages.

Nir also informed Bush that “a decision still had to been made whether the arms desired by the Iranians would be delivered in separate shipments or for each hostage as they were released.”

Hunt also stated that DIA Charles McKee and CIA Matthew Gannon attended the meeting. Both men subsequently died on board Pan Am Flight 103.


CIA Matthew Gannon

In a 1992 interview for Times Magazine, Beulah McKee told investigative journalist Roy Rowan that she had lost hope to ever find out if the Pan Am 103 bombers were after her son. Twice she questioned Susan Gannon. Like her husband Matt, Susan Gannon worked for the CIA.

“The last time, I was accused of opening my mouth too much,” says Beulah McKee.

“I have always had a feeling that if Chuck (McKee) had not been on that plane, It would not have been bombed. I know that is not what our President wants me to say.”

Susan father – Tom Twetten — would go on to become the CIA Chief of covert operations in early 1991. Twetten has said that he was certain that the two Libyan citizens indicted for the bombing of Pan Am 103 were “the right guys.”


 (1) Marchetti is co-authored of “The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence”

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(3) Man Killed in Mexican Crash Is Indeed Iran-Contra Figure – December 3, 1988

(4) Nir’s Fatal Mexico Visit Called a Business Trip – December 6, 1988

(5) In a letter dated October 4th, 1993, the Consulate General of Israel in Chicago, Yaacov Nir — no relation — confirmed that Hunt was involved in the now famous May 1986 secret trip to Teheran which included Amiram Nir.

(6) U.S. Denies Israel Terrorism Pact – December 6, 1988

Reagan to Bar Secret Material for North’s Case – December 1, 1988

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