[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 152


“Reports of surveillance, targeting and planning of actions against US persons and facilities are continuous.”

DIA DITSUM dated Dec. 1st 1988

 Shaughnessy, an American Lawyer defending Pan Am, was given access to key documents, included a series of DIA Defense Intelligence Terrorism Summaries – DITSUMs — issued in the aftermath of the USS Vincennes “accident” in the Persian Gulf.

These documents warned against “renewed threats of attack on US interests, particularly as a consequence of the shooting down of the Iranian Airbus in July.”

 “Although there have been no recent publicized threats of retaliation against the US for the 3 July Iranian Airbus shootdown, Tehran general intent to conduct terrorists attacks against the US continues. […] Some Middle East terrorist groups have conducted assassinations and bombings in West Germany and have the infrastructure to conduct both bombing and assassinations.”

It is abundantly clear from the content of the above DITSUM that the DIA did not believe for a moment that Jibril operation has been stopped as a result of the German operation “Autumn Leaves”.

The report shows that the US knew full well that terrorists were continuing surveillance, targeting and planning of actions against US interests in Europe, and particularly in Germany.

Cover Up?

In order to prepare the defense of pan Am in the civil action, Saughnessy decided to subpoena the CIA, the State Department and other agencies for information regarding the bombing of flight 103.

Without justification, the US government quashed the subpoenas and responded that the agencies had no information relevant to the disaster.

However, two years before the US government claim that its agencies had no documents relevant to the Lockerbie bombing, two US journalists had attempted to access the same information through the Freedom of Information Act.

Specifically, they had asked to be given access to information regarding the warnings about a threat against a Pan Am airliner, US controlled delivery of drugs through Frankfurt airport, and the method by which the bomb was smuggled aboard the Pan Am 103.

The National Security Agency stated that the information demanded had been accessed in their records but could not be passed on because of “State Secrets Privilege”.

So the documents which could not be supplied on grounds of “State Secrets Privilege” in 1989 no longer existed by 1991?

US Administration to Stop the Release of Secret Documents Re Olie North

Today, the White House raised a potential roadblock to the prosecution of Oliver L. North for conspiracy in the Iran-contra case. White House officials have announced that the administration intend to stop the release of secret documents North wishes to use.

Oliver North

Oliver North

Lawrence E. Walsh, the independent prosecutor, was told by officials that the use of some of the documents in a public trial would damage the national security

If Gerhard A. Gesell, the Federal district judge in the case, holds that the documents are necessary for North’s defense, then some, if not all, of the criminal charges against him will have to be dropped.


Reagan to Bar Secret Material for North’s Case – December 1, 1988


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