[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 150

NOVEMBER 29 1988

 Will there therefore be more attacks, more operations?

Yes. But at the present, I am content to watch Arafat destroy himself with this so-called moderation and peace process.

Is Syria also just content to sit and watch?

No. They wish to have more operations as soon as possible. For the time being, they will have to look to others for that

So, should the West expect some action in the near future?

Yes, they should.

Interview of Abu Nidal by David Yallop – Late Nov. 1988

Robert Fisk reported recently that he had uncovered secret Iraqi document establishing that Abu Nidal was a CIA asset. [1] Several authors have written on the implication regarding the bombing of Pan Am 103 and the possibility that the US government had chosen to cover up the truth to hide that Nidal was a CIA asset. [2]

Abu Nidal

Abu Nidal

After all, Iranian defector Mesbahi has indeed alledged that Iran Foreign Minister Velayati had contracted Lybia and Nidal to conduct the revenge operation after the downing of Iranian flight 665 in early July 1988.

However, when I spoke with former President of Iran Bani Sadr earlier this year (1988), I asked him point blank if he knew of a Nidal connection to the bombing. Bani Sadr told me that he had never heard of Nidal in the context of the Lockerbie bombing.

In late late November 1988, during a visit to Libya, investigative journalist David Yallop, who specializes in unsolved crime and miscarriage of justice, interviewed Nidal.

During this interview, Nidal told Yallop that he was under great pressure from the Syrian government to reactivate and commit an act of terror against an American airliner. But Nidal told Yallop that they would have to find someone else for this job.

Yallop wrote immediately an eight-page report about the matter and and arrange for it to be passed to MI6, also asking them to forward it to the CIA. It would seem that neither agency was interested in his information. Rather, his contact in British Intelligence wanted to know about Nidal eating habits.

I asked former FBI Richard Marquise, the man who led the Lockerbie investigation, if he knew something about the allegations made by Fisk regarding Nidal.

“I have not seen the files of the Iraqi secret police so have no idea about Sabri al Banna [Nidal true name] being a spy for the US,” Marquise replied.

“The Abu Nidal Organization was certainly on our short list of suspects.  He sent his terrorists into the Rome and Vienna airports in 1985 and killed dozens at el Al ticket counters.  In 1987, his henchmen attacked Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi and killed several.”

“At any rate, I rather doubt he was providing info to the US or anyone else.  He was a wanted terrorist and doubt that some agency could/would give him a pass.  However, I have no knowledge of that,” Marquise told me.

I also asked former CIA operative Bob Baer if he knew about Nidal being a CIA asset.

“Nidal never was a CIA asset and he played no role in the bombing of PA 103,” Baer told me straight in an email.

I believe that Robert Fisk has fallen for a forgery. I have been aware that documents regarding Abu Nidal had surfaced since several months. I believe that these documents have been forged.

Among other things, it has not escape my attention that Nidal, in his alleged “interrogation by Iraqi secret police”, told that he was born in 1939 while he used to describe himself as born in 1937, a fact usually accepted by Middle East terrorism experts.


(1) Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, ‘was a US spy’ — Robert Fisk

(2) Lockerbie questions demand an answer — Magnus Linklater

Arafat, Elevated — November 29, 1988

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