[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 144

NOVEMBER 23 1988

“Gauci was not quite the full shilling. I think even his family would say (that he) was an apple short of a picnic. He was quite a tricky guy, I don’t think he was deliberately lying but if you asked him the same question three times he would just get irritated and refuse to answer.”

Lord Fraser, Former Lord Advocate who issued the arrest warrant against Megrahi

Today Nov. 23 1988, the authorities at Heathrow airport have distributed their own warning to security staff regarding the Toshiba bomb. The warning reads as follows.

“It is imperative that when screening or searching radios, radio-cassette players and other electrical equipment, staff are to be extra vigilant.”

Moreover, the Heathrow authorities built a dummy Toshiba radio-bomb and circulated it for training purposes. pictures of the bomb built by Khreesat and recovered during operation Autumn Leaves were also circulated.

Mystery man buys clothes

Tony -4 US$ Million -Gauci

Tony -4 US$ Million -Gauci

According to the verdict, Megrahi bought the clothes in a Maltese shop on December 7th 1988. Paul Gauci, one of the two shop keepers remembered that the man bought the clothes on November 23.

His brother Tony Gauci remembered that his Paul had gone home earlier to watch an evening football game, Rome vs. Dresden. Tony Gauci also recalled that the mysterious man had come just before closing time (7pm), that it was raining –the man bought an umbrella– and that the Christmas lights were on.

The game allows for only two dates: November 23 or December 7. The issue is critical for there is no indication that Megrahi was in Malta on November 23rd but he is known to have been on the island on December 7th.

Malta airport chief meteorologist testified that it was raining on November 23rd but not on December 7th. Yet the judges determined the date as December 7th. This rather absurd conclusion from the judges raises two other issues.

Firstly, the game Rome-Dresden on December 7th was played at 1:00 pm, not in the evening.

Secondly, Tony Gauci had previously testified that the Christmas lights were not up, meaning that the date had to be November 7th.

Indeed, on September 19th 1989, Gauci stated that “the [Christmas] decorations were not up when the man bought the clothing.”

Then, at the Lockerbie trial, Tony Gauci told the Judges that the decoration lights were on. “Yes, they were … up.”

According to an anonymous source at the State Department, The Gaucis were paid each about 4 $US millions by the Reward for Justice Program.


Time Is Running Out for a Decision on Pardons — November 23, 1988

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