[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 142

NOVEMBER 21 1988

“Arafat will have the same fate as Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat.”

 Col. Saed Musa, Leader of a Syrian-backed alliance of hard-line guerrilla factions — Nov. 21  1988

Reacting with anger to Arafat recent declaration of Independence, Palestinian opponents of his organization have announced their plan to set up their own Palestine Liberation Organization in order to challenge his leadership and policy.

On Friday, Colonel Saed Musa announced that preparations were under way to convene a Palestinian congress soon either in Beirut or Damascus, Syria.

Colonel Musa is the leader of a Syrian-backed alliance of hard-line guerrilla factions. The plan was announced at the Mar Elias refugee district in West Beirut.

According to Musa, the purpose of this upcoming meeting would be to choose a new leadership to speak for the P.L.O. and continue armed struggle against Israel.

In his declaration, Arafat promised to renounce terrorism and to accept a two States solution to the Middle East conflict.

Colonel Musa, aka Abu Musa, said that Arafat and his supporters had betrayed the Palestinian cause in Algiers this week when they stated that they accepted a United Nations resolution implicitly recognizing Israel’s right to secure borders.


Arafat Foes to Set Up A Rival P.L.O. Group — November 21, 1988

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