[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 136

NOVEMBER 15 1988

“From 1965, I was of the opinion that Arafat was not serious in his expressed desire to fight Israel. He wanted to be a movie star.” Ahmed Jibril, Founder and Head of the PFLP-GC

Ahmed Jibril

Ahmed Jibril

Today, Nov. 15 1988, the BKA hosted a meeting to brief international authorities involved with airline security. During the meeting, the Toshiba radio-cassette in which Khreesat had hidden a bomb connected to a barometric device was described in detail. British representatives attended the meeting.

Arafat Declares Independence

In the evening of Nov. 15 1988, Arafat read the declaration of independence of Palestine. The text has been written by the poet Mahmud Darwich. The text contains passages wich echoe the 1948 declaration of independence of Israel.

The declaration condemns the occupation and encourages the Intifada. As such, it clearly opposes the recommendation of UN Assembly resolution 181 which proposed a two States solution.


President Seems to Disbelieve First Lady Gave an Interview – November 15, 1988

Mahmoud Darwish

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