[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 130


”Arafat should be denied access to our country until he and the P.L.O. renounce terrorism as a tool of foreign policy. (…) The P.L.O. should formally recognize Israel’s right to exist and accept United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 as the framework for peace in the Middle East.”

Letter from 51 senators to Secretary of State George P. Shultz

Today (09/11/1988) the BKA released a warning through Interpol regarding the bomb found in the Ford Cortina of Dalkamoni when he was arrested on Oct. 26. [1] The warning was also passed on other security channels.


The warning follows a meeting at Meckeheim between the BKA and senior western security advisers. The report of the BKA forensic analysis was discussed in detail.

Specifically, the BKA described the Toshiba radio, the Semtex explosive hidden inside and the barometric device.

Photographs of the radio bomb were passed by the BKA to security services in Britain and the USA.

US Senators oppose Arafat visit to the UN

According to American officials, actions by the Palestine Liberation Organization this weekend could affect whether the United States gives Yasir Arafat a visa that would allow him to address the United Nations.

The Palestine National Council, the supreme policy-making body for the P.L.O., is scheduled to meet over the weekend in Algiers. A decision by the Council to renounce terrorism could enhance Mr. Arafat’s chances of obtaining a visa, the American officials said.

”I have no desire whatever to see Arafat in the United States,” Secretary of State George P. Shultz told Congress today.

Shultz made the comment in response to a letter from 51 senators urging him to deny an expected visa request for Arafat.


Yesterday, a Defense Intelligence Agency Terrorism Intelligence Branch issued a “Defense intelligence Summary” [DITSUM] warning that hardline Palestinian groups will step up their terrorist activities in order to discredit Arafat initiative.

Who need terrorists when US senators are so much more reliable?


BKA Rounds Up 16 Members of the PFLP-GC

Arafat Visa for U.N. Linked to P.L.O. Actions at Parley — November 9, 1988

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