[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 124


 “I had the understanding that the BKA presumed that Ramzi could be, or was indeed, one of the men, or the man himself, who transported the explosive material of the type that exploded at Lockerbie.” BKA Wittness German Hock

Ramzi Diab was born Sept. 24 1959 in Nazareth. His real name is Salah Kwikas. He also used Ali Nasri Assaf as alias. On Oct. 26 (1988), he was picked up by the BKA at his house at Querstrasse 4, Frankfurt. The BKA let him go the next day.

A couple of days after his release by the BKA, Ramzi Diab left Frankfurt for Vienna and then returned to Syria.

Soon after his arrival in Damascus, Ahmed Jibril organized a tribunal to establish who had been a mole inside the Dalkamoni cell. Beside Marwan Khreesat who was working for Jordan intelligence, and thus was at least indirectly a CIA asset, the tribunal established that Diab was a mole for the MOSSAD.

Diab was executed. The CIA has confirmed his death. (NB. There have been rumors that Khreesat had also been assassinated but this is not true. After his incredible release on Nov. 10, he will live under heavy protection in Jordan.)

As Diab left Frankfurt to Vienna, a student named German Hock saw him carrying a Toshiba radio under his arm.

On Oct. 18, Ramzi had provided Dalkamoni with a Toshiba radio that Khreesat transformed into an IED. The BKA never recovered that Toshiba radio-cassette.

Also today (03/11/1988), a United Nations report denounces serious human rights violations in Iran. According to the report, 200 Mujahedeen supporters were believed to have been killed in Evin Prison in Teheran on July 28. Additionally, the bodies of 860 other ”executed political prisoners” were reported to have been taken from the same prison to the Behesht Zahra cemetery from Aug. 14 to 16.


Tehran Executes Thousands of Political Opponents

U.N. Says Human Rights Abuses Are Continuing throughout Iran – November 3, 1988

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