[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 123 


 ”Where we have seen flexibility [from Moscow], it has come because the price of aggression was too high – because we supported the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan.”

Presidential Candidate G. Bush, Speech in Fulton, Montana

Charges were filed by SAPO against Imandi and Mograhi. [1, 2] But in absence of supporting evidence forthcoming from the BKA, all suspects arrested yesterday were released.


On November 2 1988, the FAA alerted the airlines with a warning, similar to one already issued by the Germans. The warning describes the Toshiba radio-cassette bomb found in Dalkamoni’s car on Oct. 26 (1988).

 The Race to the White House

Both Bush and Dukakis oppose making concessions to hostage-takers. But Dukakis accuses the Reagan Administration of doing just that in the Iran arms sale.

Each candidate says he would be the tougher President in dealing with those who take hostages.

Regarding the Middle East, both candidates say they are loyal allies of Israel. However, Bush opposes Dukakis’s proposal to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem.

After having stated that he would not rule out creation of a Palestinian state, Dukakis now says that he would never accept a unilateral declaration of such a state, a Palestinian government-in-exile, or any solution not acceptable to Israel.

Bush excludes the possibility of a Palestinian state. Neither candidate would negotiate with the Palestine Liberation Organization unless it renounced terrorism as a political weapon and recognized Israel’s right to exist.

Neither candidate says he would re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran now. But according to former Iran president Bani Sadr, both candidates are conducting secret negociations with Tehran.


1- Imad Chaaban aka Marten Imandi

2- The Moghrabis: Terror as a Palestinian Family Business

3- US, Iran in Secret Talks Over Hostages

Soviets Said to Deploy Missiles in Kabul – November 2, 1988

Differing Views of America’s Global Role – November 2, 1988

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