[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 118

OCTOBER 28 1988

Privately, however, Hayes believes that the Lockerbie bomb was indeed a dual device, triggered by a barometric swich once the plane reached a certain altitude…

On the trail of terror – David Leppard

The timers of the bombs recovered by the BKA in Frankfurt had been made by the Fatah group in Damascus.  Khreesat had first seen these timers at a PFLP-GC camp in Syria. He had tested four of them. All were good, and so he took them to use.

During an interview with FBI agents in Jordan, Khreesat said that one of the timers was a half-hour timer, one was for three-quarters of an hour, and one was for one hour.  Khreesat did not recall what time the fourth timer was set for.

None of the timers were for more than one hour, as it is not practical to build such timers. Of course, Khreesat does not know the time constant of the device used in the fifth bomb built by Abu Elias.

Khreesat is well aware that the times are not exact. Indeed the time delay changes depending upon how long ago the timers have been tested.

As a rule, they usually reset. Khreesat used to test the timers three times in a row before installing the timer in a device. He found that in each test the time decreased.

After this, Khreesat puts the timers aside. Then, the next day, he tests them again. After such delay, the timers return to the original time.


If the “fifth bomb” has indeed destroyed Pan Am 103 as a CIA source has told me and as most Lockerbie experts believe, then the fragment of a MST-13 Swiss timer must have been fabricated and planted since the PFLP-GC bomb makers do not know how to use them.

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