THE FIFTH DEVICE – 27/10/1988

[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 117

OCTOBER 27 1988

Q   And in any event, what it comes to is that we see in this photograph a picture of an RT-F423, and it was a picture the same as that that Mr. Khreesat identified in describing the fifth device?         A    Yes, that’s an RT-F423.

Interview of Khresat by FBI agent Edward Marshman, Nov. 1989

According to Khreesat testimony, the fifth device was a Toshiba radio/cassette recorder. When shown a catalogue of Toshiba products, Khreesat said the fifth device looked exactly like a model RT-F423 radio/cassette recorder.  It was bronze in colour just like the model in the catalogue.


Moreover, Khreesat said that the original switch on the top, the third to the right, was replaced with one from the side of the radio. The knob on the side of the radio is round, and it looks like the flat knob on the top of the radio was replaced with a knob similar to the one on the side.

Khreesat told the FBI that he does not know which device was used to bring down Pan Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988.

Khreesat told FBI agent Marshman that he does not think he built the device responsible for Pan Am 103, as he only built the four devices in Germany which were eventually recovered.

But what happened to the fith device brought to Germany by Abu Elias and wired by Khreesat?


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