[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 116

OCTOBER 26 1988

“Following the arrest of Dalkamoni and others […], it is possible to conclude that at least the core of the cell structure has been removed. It is not possible to say that all persons involved in the terrorist activities had been arrested.” BKA Report, Oct. 1988

On Wednesday 26 Oct. 1988, Khreesat woke up smelling something burning as the Abassis had left the coffee on. Khreesat turns off the stove and cleans up the burned pot and the kitchen.  Dalkamoni is happy about the incident. Obviously, the cleaning will have taken all the residue of the explosive off of Khreesat’s hands.


Dalkamoni takes the BomBeat 453 and his briefcase and put them in the trunk of the car. He also puts about 300-gramme of explosive that was intended for the nightclub in the trunk.  This 300-gramme chunk was the leftover of the of explosive from which Khreesat had cut off chunks for the other four devices.

Dalkamoni and Khreesat then drove to Hashem Abassi’s supermarket. They wanted to ask Hashem Abassi about a medical doctor for Khreesat.  When they arrived at the supermarket, Dalkamoni went into the store. Meanwhile Khreesat went across the street to make a telephone call.

Khreesat attempted to call his case officer in Jordan and more fully explain what was going on. However, there were three people ahead of Khreesat waiting to make calls and Khreesat had to wait a while.

When he finally got in the booth and was able to make his call to his case officer, Dalkamoni came out of the store and walked over to the booth and opened the door of the booth.

Khreesat pretended that he was talking to his wife and ended the conversation quickly. Dalkamoni told Khreesat that they were going to go to Frankfurt.  They walked a few feet and were then arrested by about a dozen of BKA officers.

Today (26/10/1988), Abu Talb returns from Malta to Sweden. Dalkamoni and Khreesat were on their way to meet Abu Elias when they were arrested. Elias was not arrested in the operation and will never be found.

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