[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 112

OCTOBER 22 1988

 “It is not a bad guess to say that Abu Elias has played a role in the bombing of Pan Am 103.”

A Western Intelligence Official

Today (22/10/1988), Dalkamoni and Khreesat travel to Frankfurt, as Khreesat’s wife returns to Jordan. While at the airport, Dalkamoni notices that Pan Am employees are under much stress. At 2pm, they meet Ramzi Diab.

After leaving the airport, Dalkamoni drove to the zoo. He told Khreesat to go in, and he would return in one hour to pick him up. While in the zoo, Khreesat saw a telephone booth. Khreesat tried to call his case officer in Jordan. Due to the holiday in Jordan, he was unable to reach him.

Approximately one hour later, Dalkamoni returned to the zoo and picked up Khreesat. The two men then drove toward the Norf area.

Dalkamoni tells Khreesat that Abu Elias has arrived. Abu Elias is an expert in airport security. Elias knows how to defeat the security at Frankfurt airport.

The 25 years old blond Palestinian heads the military section of the PFLP-GC in Damascus. The presence of Elias in Germany will force Khreesat to make functional bombs contrary to the instructions he received from his Jordan Intelligence handlers.

At night Dalkamoni brought the boxes, located in the trunk of his car, into the Abassi residence. Dalkamoni has visited Ghadanfar earlier in the day.


The Goben memorandum claims that Abu Elias, a relative of Ahmed Jibril and senior member of the PFLP-GC, planted the bomb in the luggage of Khalid Jaafar.

In his Memorandum, Goben, nicknamed “the Professor” in his organization, also claims that the Lebanese American passenger was involved in a CIA-approved heroin-smuggling operation. The luggage used for these operations, it is claimed, bypassed normal security screening.

According to former CIA operative Robert Baer, Abu Elias was the CIA’s prime suspect but was never caught. The CIA believes that Elias supplied the components for the bomb that destroyed Pan Am 103.

Former CIA Bob Baer

Former CIA Bob Baer

“Abu Elias was the big centre of the investigation, but he was very elusive,” Baer said.

Khreesat and Dalkamoni were on their way to meet Abu Elias when they were arrested in Germany on Oct 26. Abu Elias was a close associate of Abu Talb. Both lived in Sweden.

Ramzi Diab

Diab is an alias. According to BKA, his real name was Salah Kwikas. He was captured by an Israeli commando in the early 80s. In 1985, Diab was released in a prisoners exchange deal.

In the aftermath of Operation Autumn Leaves, Diab was released and immediately returned to Syria. There, he was executed on orders of Ahmed Jibril. Diab was apparently a mole for the MOSSAD.

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