28, SANDWEG – FRANKFURT – 20/10/1988

[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 110

OCTOBER 20 1988

 “The Americans will never, ever find out how we did it.”

Ahmed Jibril – Champagne party held at the PFLP-GC Damascus office (Aftermath of the Pan Am 103 bombing)

Ahmed Jibril

Ahmed Jibril

On Oct. 20 1988, Dalkamoni returns to Frankfurt to meet Fattah Ghadanfar, who goes by the alias of Masoud.

Dalkamoni calls Khreesat to let him know that he has taken delivery of “three black tins, with lids, gloves and paste from Masoud.”

Ghadanfar is a 47 years old Palestinian who lives in Damascus. On orders received from Ahmed Jibril, he recently moved to Frankfurt where he rent a flat at 28 Sandweg.

Ghadanfar is in charge of the financial arragments of the German cell of the PFLP-GC.


Parviz Taheri was born in 1958 in Mahabad, Iran. He grew up in Mahabad and became a teacher. He left Iran in 1983 and arrived in Germany on Dec. 23 of that year. Taheri fisrt lived and Darmstadt and then moved to Frankfurt in 1985.

On Dec. 21 1988, Taheri flew from Frankfurt to London on Pan Am 103 A. According to his testimony, he was about to meet his future wife whom he had never met before.

On Dec. 25, Taheri returned to Frankfurt. At Frankfurt airport, he was met by a German policeman named Hans Fuhl.

Fuhl noticed that Taheri had no luggage. It is rather strange that a man about to meet his future wife and her parents for the first time would not change his clothes for five days. But there is another surprise.

Taheri carries with him a little bag in which he keeps a notebook. In his notebook, Fuhl found an address and phone number. The address is 28 Sandweg, Frankfurt.

According to the Lockerbie investigation, the fact that Taheri had the address and phone number of the second ranking member of the PFLP-GC in Germany was a mere coincidence.


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