[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 109

OCTOBER 19 1988

Besides bringing about 2.5 kg of explosive from Frankfurt, Dalkamoni also brought to Hashem Abassi flat at 16 Isarstrasse in Neuss four electrical blasting caps as well as four timers. He also brought some tools from Masoud’s place.


These timers had been made in the Fatah factory. Dalkamoni stored all the equipment in the room where Khreesat built the IEDs. Dalkamoni had previously brought four altimeters which were made in Japan.

Among the electrical appliance that Khreesat is modifying into bombs, there is a Toshiba BomBeat 453, also stored in his room.

Besides Khreesat, Dalkamoni is the only other person to go into this room. Dalkamoni is also the only person to provide him with the needed material.

During their shopping, the two men have also bought some small boxes that are used to store the explosive that is hidden in the tuners. These boxes were plastic, and black in colour.

Dalkamoni and Khreesat have also bought some batteries to power the detonators. Finally, they also bought some small digital alarm clocks.

Back to the Present (2008)

When asked to comment yesterday on the medical condition of Megrahi, First Minister Alex Salmond declined to answer “hypothetical” questions.

Salmond simply stated that there was no application before the Scottish Government and it would be wrong for him to “prejudge” any such process. The possibility of a transfer back to Libya has also been raised.

Should Megrahi succumb to his illness before the current appeal has been decided, the provisions in the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, section 303A, relating to the transfer of the rights of appeal of a deceased person, would come into play.

This section reads:

“Where a person convicted of an offence has died, any person may, subject to the provisions of this section, apply to the High Court for an order authorising him to institute or continue any appeal which could have been or has been instituted by the deceased.”

There have been a lot of articles, editorials and comments written in the last couple of days regarding the implication of Megrahi medical condition for the upcoming appeal.

“The scale and depth of the mess has been extraordinary. The ease with which Scots law was hijacked is troubling. The lack of fuss or even interest from within the legal and political establishment, and the evident assent of Scots law to serve the geopolitical interest gives the impression of collusion, complicity and denial.  Court doors have literally been closed as proceedings carry on in secret, to the exclusion even of the defence and the accused. The era of hidden justice is upon us,” write Steve Raeburn, a legal commentator for the Scottish magazine the Firm.

“As an observer, I just would like to know exactly what the causes of this incident in the air over Lockerbie really are. I just hope that there will be a new appeal. If evidence is withheld from the defence, there can be no appeal,” Pr. Hans Kochler said.

“To me it is extremely frustrating that in regard to such an incident, just one person has been presented as the culprit, with no further questions asked and no investigations ever having been made. This is not a credible explanation.”

“Why doesn’t Scotland, independent in regard to the administration of criminal justice, undertake the appropriate measures to investigate this matter fully? This is a case that is not closed. This is something that is ongoing, and I will not run away until I am presented with a clear, unambiguous and comprehensive decision of a court.”

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