[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 106

OCTOBER 16 1988

“I informed him [Dajani] that if untruths were uncovered, I might be returning to see him with a set of handcuffs. At this stage, his demeanour changed totally to one of outright aggression, stating that neither I nor anyone else would ever put him in handcuffs. […] I considered that I had seen the true side of Dajani. He was, at least, a willing participant in Dalkamoni schemes, if not an active member of the PFLP-GC.”

Detective Inspector Donald McNeil – Memo to Detective Chief Superintendent John Orr, August 29 1989

On Sunday Oct. 16 1988, Dalkamoni calls Yassim Kam-Nakche. Dalkamoni and Yassim visit Ahmed Kaplan. The Palestinian lives at 40 Haupstrasse in Hockenheim. Upon their arrival at Kaplan house, the three men immediately load the car of Dalkamoni with bags and cartons. According to the BKA, one of the bags had a brown unidentified substance in it.

Ahmed Kaplan is connected to owners and employees of a Bakery in Malta. The company is rather unsual. They import all their raw materials and export all finished products. From mid 1987 to mid 1989, the average balance of their bank account is of the order of £ 2.4 millions.

Abu Talb, still in Cyprus, contacted one of the directors of the bakery and will meet with them in Malta in a couple of days. [1]

On the same day, Dalkamoni and Yassim Kam-Nakche return to Neuss. From his flat at 16 Isarstrasse, Dalkamoni calls Habib Dajani who owns a restaurant, the “King s take Away”, in Nicosia Cyprus.


Dajani says that he has obtained a Visa for Germany. Dajani informs Dalkamoni that he will arrive in Berlin on Monday October 24 (1988). Dajani will later admit that he used to pass messages to and for Dalkamoni. Among the usual callers, Dajani recalls Abu Nidal and Abu Talb. The Lockerbie investigation never found evidence of a link between Dalkamoni and Talb.


An Unusual Crown Witness


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