[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 103

OCTOBER 13 1988

“It is a complete victory for the appellant’s position before the court and a complete rejection of the Crown’s argument.”

Solicitor Tony Kelly, October 15 2008

Operation Autumn Leaves

Today, October 13 1988, Mohamed Moghrabi drives to the centre of Dusseldorf, Germany, where he calls a telephone number given to him by Imad Chaaban.

The telephone is answered, and he asks for Imad Chaaban’s brother. He waits some time, and then Jihad Chaaban and Mohamed Sami Orfali arrived.

All three drive to the shop belonging to Hashem Abassi, at 4040 Neuss, Neumarkt 14, Germany. Mohamed Moghrabi is introduced to Hashem Abassi.

Between 13th and 14th October 1988, Mohamed Mougrabi resides at 16 Isarstrasse, Neuss, Germany.

Shortly after his arrival at that appartment, Hafez Dalkamoni, aka Hafez Hussein, arrives carrying a package. [1] Dalkamoni is introduced to Mohamed Mougrabi by Hashem Abassi.

Dalkamoni is accompanied by Marwan Khreesat, and his wife, who flown to Germany from Damascus. Khreesat stopped at Amman, Jordan, to collect his wife. Khreesat is the senior bomb maker of the PFLP-GC.


Back to the Present (2008)

Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the man accused of having planted the bomb that destroyed Pan Am 103, won a major legal victory yesterday.

Earlier this year, his lawyers lodged full grounds of appeal, arguing that the hearing should include all points pertinent to the case and not restricted to the six grounds listed by the SCCRC.The Crown had tried to block the move.

However, the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh rejected the crown argument.

“The court holds that the appellant is entitled to have his stated grounds of appeal decided by the court on their respective merits,” Lord Hamilton, sitting with Lords Kingarth and Eassie, said

“It is a complete victory for the appellant’s position before the court and a complete rejection of the Crown’s argument,” Solicitor Tony Kelly said afterwards.

“The Crown employed lots of resources to try to restrict the court and they have been stopped in their tracks. It is an important victory for Mr Al Megrahi.”

“These attempts by the Crown to restrict the freedom of the defence to use evidence in the second appeal look increasingly like desperate efforts to delay the whole appeal process still further,” Dr Swire stated.

“Yesterday was a very significant victory for those who want to see all the evidence reviewed in the Appeal Court.”

“Since our remit is to look for the truth, the more that comes out in court the happier we are. So I am really jubilant about today’s hearing,” Swire added.


  1. Haffez Kassem Dalkamoni and the Cyprus Connection


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