[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 94

OCTOBER 4 1988

”Since the hostages’ problem, with its political dimensions and deadlines, is being discussed by the big powers, this means that the hostage issue is nearing its end.”

Grand Ayatollah Sheik Mohammed Fadlallah [1] – Spiritual Leader of Hizbullah – Party of God


 Last Friday, Britain and Iran agreed to restore full relations. On Saturday, A goup known as the Islamic Holy War for the Liberation of Palestine promised in a statement to free one of their four captives.

The pro-Iranian kidnappers stated that the release was in line with positive political developments in the Middle East.

The four hostages held by the group are Alann Steen, 48 years old, Jesse Turner, 39, and Robert Polhill, 54, all Americans, and Mithileshwar Singh, 60, an Indian. All are lecturers at Beirut University College and were seized together on Jan. 24 of last year.

The Islamic Holy War for the Liberation of Palestine has said they wanted the United States to recognize Palestinian rights.

The race to the White House

The White House categorigally denied that the release of a hostage is the result of a deal with Tehran.

”Someone who articulates that ought not be allowed to operate heavy equipment. Neither the Vice President nor any of his emmissaries would involve himself in an effort of that kind. The whole premise is silly; we are not going to play politics with the hostage situation,” said Mark Goodin, a spokesman for Mr. Bush.

”This Administration made one disastrous foray into quid pro quos with Iran for hostages. I can’t believe they’d be stupid enough to do it again. These things always come out – that was the lesson of Iranscam – and in a tight election, in the last month, that sort of revelation would be disastrous for the Bush campaign,” argues William Quandt, a Brookings Institution scholar who closely follows hostage matters

”To play politics with this would be absolutely disastrous, if it came out looking like that,” agreed Graham Fuller, an analyst for the RAND Corporation who formerly was an expert on Near Eastern affairs for the CIA.

Nevertheless, Quandt believes that:

”it is plausible that the Iranians are seeking to influence American politics with the latest hostage release.”

Comment (04/10/2015)

“There are many theories about why the Beirut hostages were released when they were. One in particular is that responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing was transferred from Iran to Libya, and Iran, now absolved from responsibility for the atrocity, effected release of the final Western hostages including myself.” Terry Waite

(See Was Terry Waite freed as part of secret Lockerbie deal with Iran? )

Again, let us take a good look at the timeline:

  • 14/11/1991:  Lockerbie indictment
  • 18/11/1991: Thomas Sutherland and Terry Waite released
  • 02/12/1991: Joseph Cicippio released
  • 03/12/1991: Alann Steen released
  • 04/12/1991: Terry Anderson, the last American hostage, released


  1. The Oracle of Hizbullah: Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah

Official Website:

Second Round for Iran and Iraq; Peace Talks Resume at U.N.

October 1, 1988


October 4, 1988

North and 2 Others Lose Bid to Overturn Iran-Contra Charges

October 1, 1988

Hopes Rise for the Release of Hostages in Lebanon

October3, 1988


October 4, 1988

Hostage Release Could Play Role in the Campaign

October 4, 1988

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