[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold] Part 92

OCTOBER 2 1988

 “Et chaque fois les feuilles mortes Te rappellent à mon souvenir Jour après jour Les amours mortes N’en finissent pas de mourir” – La Chanson de Prevert

Manfred Klink joined the Bundeskriminalamt [BKA] in 1973. The dedicated detective rose rapidly through the ranks of the organization. By 1988, he was the senior officer in the anti-terrorist department.

In Feb. 1988, the Bundesnachrichtendienst [BND] received information from Israel regarding the presence of PFLP-GC cells in Western Europe, including in West Gernmany.

The BND forwarded the information to the head-quarters of the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz [BfV] in Pullach, near Munich.

In turn, the BfV forwarded the documents to the Chancellor Security advisers in Bonn and to the Anti-terrorism Department of the BKA in Mecheheim.

During the months of July and September, Klink received additional intelligence regarding suspicious activities of the PFLP-GC in West Germany.

In late September, A BKA Intelligence summary stated that the PFLP-GC appeared to be gearing up for a major operation. The report was allegedly based on an analysis by MOSSAD of Palestinian documents seized by Israeli Security Force during a recent raid on a PFLP-GC base in Southern Lebanon.

Incrisingly preoccupied by these reports, Klink decides to pay a visit to the federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe. The federal prosecutor has the final say regarding anti-teror operations. By the end of the meeting, the two men had decided to set up a round the clock
surveillance of 16 targets in six cities.

The operation, codenamed Herbslaub or Autumn Leaves, was the largest of its kind ever mounted in West Germany. By Oct. 10, they were up and running. The squads were monitoring, among other targets, an appartement located at 16 Isarstrasse. The flat is rented to Hassem Abassi and occupied by Haffez Dalkamoni.



Second Round for Iran and Iraq; Peace Talks Resume at U.N. ,October 1, 1988

North and 2 Others Lose Bid to Overturn Iran-Contra Charges ,October 1, 1988

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