[Diary of a Vengeance Foretold]  Part 67


“The pair [Chabaan and Ourfali] got our telephone number in Neuss via parents and parents-in-law. They only got our address when they arrived here. ” Somaia Abassi

On September 7, Jehab Chabaan, Ziad Chabaan, Samir Ourfali and Martin Imandi are released from Danish custody. [See Part 65 – SEPTEMBER 5 1988]

Imandi is allowed to continue to Sweden but the three others are returned to Munich. Ziad Chabaan decides to fly back to Syria. Jehab and Samir remain in Germany.

Someone advised them by phone to go to Neuss. Once there, they call Hashem Abassi, the brother-in-law of Dalkamoni.

They did so and were allowed to live at the apartment occupied by Dalkamoni at 16 Isarstrasse.

According to Mrs. Abassi, Chabaan and Ourfali stayed in the largest of her two children room. Both men were still residing in the apartment when Marwan Khreesat, the PFLP-GC senior bomb maker, arrived on October 13.

According to a Swedish Police report, Chabaan and Ourfali stated that a Syrian Intelligence officer had driven them from Lebanon to Damascus. They were not stopped at the Lebanese Syrian border. Once arrived at Damascus airport, a Syrian police officer helped them to go trough security and passport control.

“In West Germany, we met an Iraqi who presented himself as Abu Hussein. We met him in a café in Neuss. From him, we bought two German passports for 2,000 marks, including the change of photographs,” the two men told SEPO officers.

Swedish Intelligence Officers revealed to the Swedish paper i-Dag that Abu Hussein was in fact Dalkamoni.


In Uppsala, Imandi was running a grocery store. Beside himself, two Libyan nationals were working in the market: Khalud and Manzem Khabaan. The BKA established that they were members of the PFLP-GC. But the BKA also suspected that the Khabaans were working for an even more dangerous organization: the Abu Nidal Group.

Chabaan and Ourfali eventually made it to Sweden in mid October. In June 1990, SEPO expelled them for their links to unspecified terrorist activities. What these activities were and what their involvement had been was never told.

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