”I really have been a reluctant ruler. Really, you can say that. But I am not a person to just give up in disgust and walk away. I am determined to stay here until I solve all of the many problems that continue to face our country.”

General Zia

 At a special meeting today, the General Assembly unanimously agreed to start financing the UN peacekeeping force to be deployed in Iran and Iraq to monitor the fragile cease-fire.

All member nations will pay an additional fee to raise a total of $35.7 million. This funding should be sufficient to cover the UN mission for three months. There is an understanding that the peacekeeping force will remain in Iraq and Iran for an additional three month period. It is expected that the General Assembly will extend the financing arrangement at its regular session in the fall.

The Bush-Quayle ticket

During a news conference at Bush headquarters in New Orleans, Vice President Bush and Senator Dan Quayle have answered questions from journalists. But before taking questions, VP Bush wanted to explain why he had chosen Quayle for his running mate.

Senator Quayle is one of the rising stars in the Republican Party. In fact, the National Journal called him a Senate success story. And I asked him to be my running mate for three main reasons:

”First, and most importantly, he’s qualified. He’s distinguished himself in the Senate as the author of the Job Training Partnership Act. He’s an expert on defense and national security. And he’s worked hard to increase our farm exports. He knows the agricultural business well.

And secondly, we agree on the fundamental challenges that face this country – how to create jobs by keeping taxes low, how to keep America strong and secure as we work for peace and how to create opportunities for American families.

And while a Midwesterner, I believe he will help our cause in every part of the country because he understands that what’s important in this campaign is not only what we’ve accomplished but what we will accomplish in the future.

And his own record of electoral success shows that he’s not only an excellent Senator but an excellent campaigner as well. He’s done very, very well.”

Quayle was almost immediately asked about his role in the Iran-Contra scandal. Those familiar with the US covering of American politic did not fail to notice that the question preceded another one on his relationship with a former Playboy model.

Question: Senator Quayle, during the Iran-contra hearings last summer there was testimony that your office served as a meeting place for people like John Hull and Rob Owen, who were involved in contra resupplies during the Boland Amendment. Were you involved in the contra fund-raising and resupply operation? And did you have any contact with Vice President Bush or his office about it?

QUAYLE: None. And the question is off-base as far as any of those meetings going on.

A little known story of US foreign policy

Zia is credited for having developed Pakistan’s nuclear capability against the strong complaints of the Reagan administration. Most observers have concluded that Reagan needed the support of Pakistan for the war in Afghanistan and thus turned a blind eye on the nuclear program. The truth is a bit more complex and its origin is to be found in the former administration. [1]


On July 3 1979, the U.S. decided to fund and to train the mujahideen, a group of Islamic warriors, with the help of the Pakistani intelligence services. As correctly predicted by then-national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Soviets responded by invading Afghanistan in December 1979.

On Dec. 26 1979, just two days after the invasion, Brzezinski wrote a memo to President Carter. “This will require a review of our policy toward Pakistan, more guarantees to it, and, alas, a decision that our security policy toward Pakistan cannot be dictated by our non-proliferation policy,” the memo reads.


1) IISS Report on Nuclear Black Market Not Credible

Unbending Commander for Era of Atom and Islam

The Republicans in New Orleans

U.N. Agrees on the Financing Of Gulf Peacekeeping Force

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