”People will be less willing to put up with rationing and deprivation after the war. They will look for a grateful state to provide a land fit for heroes, but that will not be easy or cheap.”

Don Kerr, Analyst for the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London

”If the Gulf War can be resolved, that will greatly relieve tensions within OPEC,” argues Mehdi Varzi, senior oil analyst for Kleinwort Grieveson Securities Ltd. in London.

Today, the price of Brent crude traded in London at $15.15. Many analysts, such Varzi, fear that oil prices could well advance to $18 a barrel by year-end.

The oil market indicates very clearly the degree to which the 8 years war has isolated Iran. Before the conflict started, exports represented about 20 percent of Iran’s gross national product. In 1987, they came to represent less than 4 percent.

Worrisome news

Without warning, Tehran has decided to totally isolate its main prisons from the outside world. Amnesty International warns that family visits to political prisoners have been suspended until further notice. No one knows what the decision means but many fear the worst.

The Race to the White House

Vice President Bush has narrowed the list of his potential running mates to six candidates. After a final meeting with his senior advisers, Bush will select a Republican vice Presidential nominee.

According to interviews with voters, Jesse Jackson has influenced the way Americans think about blacks in politics. On one hand, Blacks’ expectations have risen. But at the same time, many whites think Jackson made it possible to vote for a black candidate.


The Big Dividends of a Gulf Peace

OPEC Leader to Travel


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