”Yes, we accepted the proposal of the Secretary General on the face-to-face negotiations after the cease-fire.”

Ali Akbar Velayati, Iran Foreign Minister

According to the UN Secretary General, Ali Akbar Velayati, the Iranian Foreign Minister, has promised to send him a letter formally accepting the compromise proposal put forward by the Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein.

Although it did not mention Velayati, a message broadcasted by Radio Tehran confirmed the news.

”Now that Iraq’s precondition has been eliminated from the process of the current efforts, the Secretary General may immediately begin implementation of his plan for implementing Security Council Resolution 598 and, with the announcement of a cease-fire, proceed to implementation of the other clauses of the resolution,” the message said.

Hussein accepted the plan of a cease fire at the condition that peace talks immediately follow. This compromise was the only possible solution to the two weeks long deadlock between Iran and Iraq.

”In principle, I shall announce a cease-fire tomorrow. I informed the Council that the two sides agree to a cease-fire and direct talks under my auspices,” Javier Perez de Cuellar said.

The date of the cease fire is rumored to be August 20. The Secretary General will also announce a timetable for all of the ten issues listed in UN Resolution 598, such as the exchange of all prisoners and the withdrawal from occupied lands.


On July 13, Jamilla Mograbi, the spouse of Abu Talb, leaves Warsaw for Algeria. Today, she returns to Sweden. Jamilla’s husband and siblings are no ordinary citizens.

Her sister Dalal died in Tel Aviv when a number of Palestinians attacked and killed people on a bus and were then in turn killed by Israeli security forces. Another sister Rashidi was jailed in Britain after throwing a grenade at the Iraqi Ambassador in London. Her brothers Mahmud, Mustafa and Mohamed Mograbi, as well as her husband, are members of the PPSF.

Abu Talb (See Photo) was born in Port Said, Egypt in 1954. He participated in the first stages of the civil war in Lebanon. Shot at in 1976, Talb never fully recovered from his wound. Semi-crippled, he will go on with a funny way of walking.

Abu Talb

Abu Talb

In November 1983, Talb entered Sweden with a false Moroccan passport. He asked for political asylum and received it quickly.

By 1988, Talb was running an Arabic video business. The owner of the Café where he was selling the videos was a Palestinian man named Hamid Al Wani. According to Swedish Security Police (SAPO), Al Wani was the leader of the PFLP-GC for the central part of Sweden. His brother, Sadi Al Wani, founded the organization with Ahmed Jibril.

Friends know Talb under his second name as “Abu Inteqam”, the father of the just revenge. Time and again, his name will surface in the Lockerbie investigation.



‘That Hellish Poison’: Still Intolerable


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