“It will not always be the case that our passenger aircrafts are downed by your warships.”

Ayatollah Khomeini


Khomeini repeated how painful it had been for him to accept Resolution 598, but provided no information as to what had prompted him to do so. The Supreme leader however made it very clear that the decision had been made by Iranian officials without any foreign interference.

“I repeat that the acceptance of this issue is more lethal for me than poison; but I surrender to God’s satisfaction. I have drunk this for the sake of God’s satisfaction.”

But Khomeini also told the Iranians that the dream was alive and that the Islamic Revolution was merely suspended. “Keep your hatred and your desire of vengeance in your chests,” Khomeini said.

The Grand Ayatollah also had a personal message for the United States. “It will not always be the case that our passenger aircrafts are down by you,” Khomeini warned.

A major Iraqi offensive along the entire Iran border has captured some territory in the central and southern sectors with the help of Mojahedin-e-Khalq [MEK]. The Iraqi offensive appears to have failed in the northern sector. Bagdad is clearly attempting to improve its military situation on the eve of the negotiations.

Iran is accusing Iraq of using chemical weapons. On March 16 of this year, Iraqi repeated chemical attacks at Halabja killed thousands. (NB. These attacks would cause genetic damage and deaths for many years to come.)

Iraq has acknowledged that it has used chemical weapons. However, Iraqi officials claim that Iran was the first to do so. US officials said that the use of chemical weapons had ”an enormous impact” on Iran population.


Iraq Mounts New Drive on Border

Words of Khomeini: On Islam, the Revolution and a Cease-Fire

Iran and Iraq Will Send Key Negotiators to U.N.

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