“Susan, if the United States government would let me, I could identify the men behind this attack [Pan Am 1003] today. I could do it right now. You want a police line up? I could go into any crowded restaurant of 200 people, and pick out these men. […]And you know what, Susan? You won’t find this restaurant anywhere in Libya. No, you will only find this restaurant in Damascus.”

Dr. Richard Fuisz to Susan Lindauer, September 1994

July 17 1988. The day was eventless. A Maltese shopkeeper bought some baby garments. An American woman celebrated her 25th birthday. Neither of them could possibly imagine that the downing of Pan Am 103 later this year would irreversibly affect their life.

For his identification of Megrahi which played a key role in securing his conviction for the bombing of Pan Am 103, Toni Gauci received 4 US$ millions and enjoys a good life somewhere in Australia.  Suzan Lindauer will be less lucky.

In the fall of 1994, Dr. Richard Fuisz, a major CIA operative in Syria during the 1980s, met with Lindauer, then a congressional staffer.

Dr Richard Fuisz

Dr Richard Fuisz

Fuisz told her that the perpetrators of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie were based in Syria. He was adamant that Libya had played no role whatsoever in the tragedy.

One month after their meeting, the Clinton administration placed a gag order on Dr. Fuisz preventing him from publicly discussing the issue.

In 1998, Lindauer filed a formal deposition in which she recounts their discussion. The full text is attached below.

“I learned that Dr. Fuisz is covered by the Secrets Act, which severely restricts his ability to communicate information about Pan Am 103. Though he says freely that he knows first hand that Libya was not involved in any capacity whatsoever, it’s my understanding that he can provide no further details regarding his part in the investigation, or details identifying the true criminals in this case,” Lindauer wrote.

On July 14 of this year (NB 2008), Dr Fuisz confirmed to me that he was not allowed to discuss this matter.

On March 11 2004, Susan P. Lindauer was arrested and accused of “acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government”.

Shirley McKie is a former Scottish police detective who was falsely accused by experts from the Scottish Criminal Record Office. She was eventually acquitted and a Public Inquiry about the scandal is set to begin later this year.

Reacting to a rare article regarding Suzan Lindauer story, Iain Mckie, the father of Shirley, posted the following comment.

“In his devastating article, Michael Collins quotes Susan Lindauer as saying: This work makes you know how small you are.

This has often been my feeling as I grew to understand more and more about the truly global reach of the Lockerbie disaster and the political intrigue surrounding it. Often it all seemed too much for the individual to cope with.

Finding that my daughter Shirley might have been an innocent, if remote, victim of this intrigue helped me put things into perspective. As I reflected on Jim Swire and other grieving relatives fighting on for over 18 years I realized that my value did not depend on the political will of powerful governments but on my determination as a father to do what I could to change things.

Although the individual often suffers in the fight for justice against the powerful, it is his or her determination that marks us out as strong and governments as weak. We might be small but collectively I believe we can help to change things.”

What would our world become without people such McKie, Swire or Lindauer? I congratulate all of them for their extraordinary courage and indefatigable willingness to find and to expose the truth. Happy birthday Susan! Wherever you may be, you are in our thoughts.

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One Response to THE LINDAUER AFFIDAVIT – 17/07/1988

  1. Allan Croft says:

    There was no explosion on the Pan Am 103 see the flight data recorder that shows no spike in over pressure.


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